Which Person Are You? (failure or success)

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Let me tell you about two different people…I knew one person that didn’t workout at all. Yet, she had a lofty routine in her mind. Despite not being a morning person she planned to wake up before dawn at 5 o’clock each morning and go running. She planned to do this every single day! And her results…


Unless you call feeling bad for not following through something. And truthfully she was worse off because of this because she built herself frames of failure and lack of willpower.


Will Power

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There’s a much better way. The other day I was working with a client named Eva. She too was trying to build a morning routine around working out, in her case it was yoga. I ran her through a process I call the New Habit Generator. This was designed to make willpower a non issue. Let’s face it. Unless you’re about 2% of people that appear to have unlimited willpower, yours fails and it can fail often. To try to change your life based on willpower means you will fail 9 times out of 10. So let’s use something a little more powerful than willpower okay?

Let’s build the value up in something so that you can’t not do it. Let’s rehearse the process in your mind in a real way so that the habit is already started. Let’s use what you’ve already been doing habitually as a frame around the new thing. Let’s access everything from the environment up to your identity to get this thing right. I ran Eva through this process. Just the other day I heard back from her on how it was going. She told me that to even think about not doing yoga in the morning felt like a void to her. She had to do and wanted to do it every day. It didn’t take willpower to do it anymore. It was already a natural and consistent part of her life.

So who do you want to be? The person that tries to use willpower to change? Or the person who can bring real and lasting change without willpower? Want to learn these processes?

My new book is available for Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Members only. It’s called How to Create Successful Habits and Routines Without Willpower or Discipline.

It’s a 45 page book. It also comes with an hour of video showing me guiding people through the New Habit Generator and other processes. If you’re already a member you’ll be getting your copy soon. If you’re not a member, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. Signup here.

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