Unable to Lift My Arm to 100’s Overhead with Ease

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If you’ve been around for half a year or more you might recall that last year on Thanksgiving I hurt my shoulder pretty bad in a game of football.

As much as I work to be indestructible, heavy collisional forces can only be withstood so much.

I couldn’t lift my arm even to parallel. And just trying caused lots of pain.

Seeing that it stayed like this for a few days, it appeared to be some tendon damage.

So I set to work…

I did a wide variety of things.

It wasn’t just about the physical.

It also involved the mental and emotional.

It also involved the nutritional.

But I did do lots of physical exercises that were suitable for where I was at.

This began with as much mobility as I could.

Eventually, I could do some stretching that felt good.

In a couple of weeks, I could lift light weights.

This gave way to a wider variety of exercises and more weight.

Within a few months, I was as good as new.

Actually better!

Just hit a big PR in the Kettlebell Snatch that I’m working on. Oh yeah, its with a 106 lb. kettlebell. 70 times in 10 minutes.

So my right shoulder is doing just fine.

Get the physical roadmap to how to do the same with any area of the body here.

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