Vibram Five Finger Shoes Review

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Meet the Vibram Five Fingers. These relatively new shoes are made to recreate the barefoot feel while still offering the protection of shoes.

Vibram Five Finger Shoes Review

It took a couple times being exposed to them, but I decided I had to get a pair. And boy am I glad I did. Now I wear them whenever I train, and many times when I’m not.

Even took them hill sprinting. Though there isn’t much padding I had absolutely no troubles. My feet felt fine even running all out on concrete.

But then the next day rolled around. Wow were my calves sore. You see the natural way to run is with your whole foot and more towards the ball. This is opposed to the regular running shoe with its inches of padding that makes you heel strike.

It’s a different way to run and how its suppose to be done. And maybe its just progression but I have gotten faster since switching from shoes to the Vibram Five Fingers.

I recommend you check them out.

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Logan Christopher

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