Warrior Warmup Review

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I received some questions about Tyler’s Warrior Warmup, as did Tyler himself as to what it looked like. So he put together this short video that gives you an idea.

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I figured I’d also take a little time to give a warrior warmup review.

Who is this product for? Anyone that can’t move real well but want’s to get better. If you’re already really advanced you probably won’t get too much out of it, though you may pick up a thing or two here or there.

If I remember correctly these were the movement progressions Tyler put his mother through. Now why would you want to move better. That’s not the main goal of most people when it comes to working out.

Most of them are fairly easy, but then there’s also one tricky hand balancing move that makes its way in there in one progression. I thought to myself that may take awhile longer then some of the other final progressions, but overall I’d say they’re really step-by-step.

Instead usually they’re thinking about weight loss. While this video series isn’t about weight loss it can be added effectively to any other weight loss, or strength training program for that matter. It’s called a warmup because that’s how it can be used.

The big key is that when you learn to move better you generally become healthier, more flexible and pain-free. And there’s plenty of people that could use that.

The videos lay out step-by-step progressions for anyone watching. They’re great progressions and cover lots of ground, training the legs, back, arms and really everything. I’ve been following similar movement patterns myself lately in the mornings in order to wake up my body.

It’s a short but effective routine you can do daily.

The videos here aren’t professionally filmed. I always tell people that if you want that you can go buy Buns of Steel or another workout off an infomercial. Here you get top quality information laid out for you in a step-by-step plan for a reasonable price.

Overall I’d say if you’re looking to move better this is a great place to start.

Get Warrior Warmup here.


  1. Good & interesting stuff man, I’ve been already doing a LOT of these moves for over a year now as a Mobility & Active Flexibilty Warm-Up/Joint Loosening regime! It’s cool to see that Tyler feels & thinks the same about this shit as I do! It’s exactly like the saying goes: Great minds think alike! Word up to that!

    Also, Funny shit at the end with the Production, Editing, Music, Filming & Starring, etc. by Tyler Bramlett! That shit made me laugh! I’ll definitely look deeper into this stuff as well and I’m interested to see what I can incorporate into my OWN Warm-Up/Joint Loosening, Flexibility & Mobility Training! This should be interesting…

  2. Thanks for the kind words Matti!! When you’ve been thinking about fitness and now more specifically movement for over a decade you start to think the same as others who are leading the field. And I like your comment Maurice 🙂 Keep Training Hard!!

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