What are you missing in your training?

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What is the most important thing that most people miss in their training routine? The answer is easy – it’s triceps extensions!

Just kidding! It might be partials, bodyweight workouts, kettlebell exercises or other exercises and it all depends on the specific individual. Some other common mistakes may be present, like only training your upper body and avoiding squats and deadlifts which could help you increase your gains.

Now, all this depend on a person by person basis as for what you’re missing from your training that is holding you back.

But if I had to choose one specific thing that most people are having trouble with – it has to be the mind. People aren’t really setting a clear goal, they aren’t concentrated enough while working out or simply lack motivation and clear vision which hinders their progress.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that you can accomplish almost anything if you are inspired and motivated enough. For example, I was inspired by The Mighty Atom and a thought of not being able to feats of strength like him never crossed my mind. However, a lot of people are having doubts and often convince themselves they won’t ever be able to do something or reach certain goals.

First of all, believe it’s possible (because it really is!). Then find the right way to do it through training and finally keep taking consistent actions toward that goal. If you don’t see any results from your actions, change them, but if you see and feel that you are going in the right direction – don’t stop!

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