What Bridging can do for you

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You probably saw some of the feats of done recently while in the bridge. Now I don’t think everyone should be having a sledgehammer swung at them while in a wrestler’s bridge, but its just an application of the strength I’ve built up through exercise.

What everyone does need is a stronger neck. All too often this area is sorely neglected by most training.

Besides a few shrugs all my neck training in the past five years or so has been the various bridging movements I do. And since I’ve gotten much stronger in that time the exercises had to be made to suit in intensity.

And that’s only a piece of it. You combine it with the various gymnast bridge moves and you’ll be building strength from your fingers to your toes along with much need flexibility and agility.

Now these exercises aren’t for everyone. But if you want a more resilient neck and spine along with much else you should at least check it out.

I’m going to be releasing a course soon that covers the A to Z on bridging. But before that happens I want to share with you some of my ideas on this training as well as some of my exercises from the course.

All you have to do is raise your hand and say I’m interested. Just go to the following page and enter your name and email. In a few days you’ll be getting the fr.ee info.


Like I said I will be selling the full course next week. If and only if you like what you’ve seen up to that point and want to get much more you’ll be able to get the whole enchilada.

And if you don’t, that’s fine. I hope you use what I’ll be showing you regardless.

Take the step and go signup. You’ll get to see a video of some of what you’ll be learning there. https://legendarystrength.com/advanced-bridging-exercises/

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Logan Christopher

P.S. I know its called advanced bridging, but really this is for all levels. If its something you want to learn more about sign-up now.

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