What do I use for Earthing?

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Jay asks, “What do you use for earthing?”

This is answered more fully inside the Get Grounding Report I give away when you sign up for these emails on my site.

For those asking themselves, what is grounding or earthing that lays out all you need to know.

Suffice to say that having a physical connection to the earth, which is an electrical connection, provides lots of benefits. Like decreasing soreness, improving recovery time, improving sleep, lowering pain and stress.

Some more recent research shows that it even does things like regulating thyroid hormones!

Anyway, back to the question. What do I do? This is worth reiterating.

First and foremost, I walk barefoot outside around my home and also sometimes when I go hiking.

It can be that simple and free.

Secondly, I use Earth Runner sandals.

I really like these. While shoes definitely have some drawbacks, not limited to blocking earthing, but also stopping mobility and strength of the foot, there is one reason they were invented in the first place. To protect the feet!

The Earth Runners accomplish the protection while also providing the benefits of being minimalist shoes and earthing at the same time.

They take a little getting use to, but at least when the weather is warm as it is now, I am either fully barefoot or wearing my Earth Runners.

I say it half-jokingly but it’s true. My Vibrams are my dress up shoes.

Thirdly, I use a variety of earthing pads.

These plug into the grounding outlet that is on most any plug in your home or office. I work grounded, I sleep grounded, I’m even grounded inside my sauna.

Now, there is a caveat with these. Depending on how the outlet is wired, and the location, it may not always be beneficial.

But it’s worth a shot.

So that is what I do for earthing. It’s not one step but a series of steps. These small changes to my lifestyle have made cumulative changes to my health and performance and they can do the same for you.

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