When You Can Move Real Well (Parkour Video)

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I came across this video that showcases several parkour athletes moving real well, as they do. This video is really just the basic movements of parkour, without the flair of tricking added in, just done with bigger leaps and moves strung together.

You’ll see tons of simple moves like kong vaults and cat leaps. These are moves many people can pick up with some ability in just a few sessions of training. I don’t recommend you start using them from building to building as is shown in this video, not until you have years of practice under your belt.

But if Parkour is something you want to learn, in my opinion, short of finding someone to teach and train you the Tapp Brothers and the best teachers online.

The recently put together a free 5-day course that will get you started in moves just like these. Check it out here.

Oh and if you need a reason on why these skills are a necessity I have one word for you…ZOMBIES!

Don’t let the zombies get you when they come. Learn parkour here. 🙂


  1. Thanx Logan,pretty awesome what these guys do. Will check out the training when I can. All the best,D

  2. Parkour is my life and my passion, ive been training parkour for about two years now and before that i still trained although i didnt know it had a name 🙂
    if anyones series about training go on youtube and find Parkour Pilgrimage this hour and half documentary goes through the philosophy of Parkour and does a really good job of explaining it.
    if only parkour was more widely known, theres too much obesity and just pure laziness nowerdays. parkour just brings back the pure movement of life, ever see a kid trying to jump over something? thats parkour, pure and simple, its as hard as you make it and anyone can do it.
    train safe (whatever it is), and have fun.

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