When Your Strength Training Comes in Useful

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As you know I was down in LA attending a seminar this weekend. What I did not tell you was that I got stuck there until Wednesday night. And not by choice. I was planning on leaving Monday.

Yep, my car broke down.

Pretty bad place and time. I was on the way to the second day of the event, when the thing just turned off and would not turn back on. Luckily, I was cruising at speed so I was able to pull into a parking lot.

A call to AAA and I was towed to a repair place. Two days later it is ready to go. I hop in and start driving back to my brothers place to pick up my stuff so I can head out of town finally.

At a stoplight and the same thing happens. Uh oh! There was lots of traffic around. I flipped on the hazard lights and try to get the car started.

It turned on…only to die again immediately.

A few more tries, and I decide I need to get out of the road. Problem is the car is three lanes away from a parking lot and it’s rush hour.

Mind you I am in LA so no one is running over to help me out.

I start pushing it backwards so I can get a good angle on the parking lot of a restaurant. After at least five minutes of waiting, standing outside of my car, someone waves at me saying I can go.

So I am steering the car with one hand and pushing it with the other. This isn’t the smallest car in the world either. But for me it was actually easy.

Why should you train for the best in strength and endurance? Well one reason is that you may need it. In fact your life might just depend on it.

I was not in a very dangerous position here, but you never know when you might be. No one got hurt here (except my wallet paying the repair guys).

But everything is okay because I made it back home late last night.

So the next time you train, maybe give a thought to the fact that the last rep you do could be the one that saves your life or the life of someone else. You never know.

Grow Powerfully,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I couldn’t help but think I needed some chains so I could hook the car to my hair and pull it that way. But that is a story for another time.

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