Working Up to a Handstand Against the Wall

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My newest article on Breaking Muscle will help you work your way up to a handstand against the wall.

How to Work Up to a Handstand Against the Wall

Handstand Hold Against Wall

Handstand Hold Against Wall

Doing a handstand against the wall is not a difficult move to do. It doesn’t require much strength, as when you do it right, you’re using your structure more than muscle. It takes some coordination and balance, though. So if you’ve never done it before that can be the hard part. But with a little practice, just about anyone will be able to achieve this.

The most difficult piece of the handstand for most is simply being upside down. If you’re not used to this position – and most people aren’t – then you’ll find you tend to lose control of your body when you do go upside down. That’s why I say coordination is the biggest thing you’ll have to learn.

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