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balancing in first steps

Training for Balance

Balancing is a movement quality that is sometimes thought of, but not always. On that note, what is involved in training for balance? Gail asks: “I was thinking about what is involved with balance. What I have come up with so far: Strength in certain specific muscles ie- core for cycling & probably most other […]

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Anti-Stress Recharge Routine

I got back from Guatemala a week ago, where I spent a week in the Mayan ruins and the rainforest. It was an incredible and fully present journey for me. And when back home, it was back into the fray: working away on the computer, catching up, then plowing forward on multiple projects. A bit […]

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Is a Treadmill Desk Worth it?

I’ve been working from home for quite a few years. Although I write about physical activity all the time, besides my workouts which seldom lasted more than an hour, I was sitting on my butt at home for far too much of the day. Over the past year or so I kept hearing about people […]

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