100 Squat Thrusts with Pushups

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Something I came up with a while ago was the 100 Burpee Challenge, that is to do one hundred reps in a single unbroken set.

In doing this I used variations of the burpee, including the squat thrust, both with and without pushups.

In the following video, I hit 100 squat thrusts with pushups in that single set. It took me 7 minutes, 38 seconds to do so. This was my second time achieving this mark and I did it in a slightly shorter time than before.

I’m finding that this progression and challenge, with several variations used, is great for conditioning without needing any equipment or spending a whole lot of time.

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  1. Incredible display of strength and conditioning…. I worked up to 100 burpees last year, but add the pushups, and it would kill me.

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