12 Carrying Exercise Positions

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Overall, carrying weights is an underrated exercise.

It deserves prominence up there with squats and deadlifts as a way to build bodily strength. And it tends to be very applicable to life as sometimes we need to pickup and move heavy things.

Nor is it just about strength, but can be turned into a great conditioning exercise too.

This videos covers 12 different positions you can carry weights in.

Realistically, there are four positions:

1. Top of Deadlift or By Hips Carrying Position
2. Clean or Rack Carrying Position
3. On Shoulders/Traps Carrying
4. Overhead Carrying

But if you then take these four positions and see that each one can be done unilaterally, that is on the left or right side, that adds up to twelve positions.

Various tools can be used for these. Shown in the video are a barbell and kettlebell, but many other options exist, including dedicated implements like the yoke or farmers walk handles.

For more details about weight carries, see Strength Your Structure.

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  1. Another way to carry would be on top of the head. For example many women in Africa you see carrying jugs on top of their head. This would work great for strengthening the neck while still being able to carry appreciable weight

    1. Author

      Yep, didn’t say these were the only 12 carrying positions.

  2. Another way would be for wxample carrying a sandbag underneath your armpit, as if you were running with a football

    1. Author

      Good call. That couldn’t be done with lots of objects, but a sandbag and maybe a small keg would work for that.

  3. Hello Logan.just want to say your posts,e-mails are great.They are also very informative.Thanx and keep-em coming

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