The Benefits of EXTENDED Sleep

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Yesterday, we talked a bit about the drawbacks of poor sleep. And we could go much, much further on these (blood sugar disregulation leading to weight gain, heart problems, depression, etc.)

But today, I want to talk about something more fun…

The benefits of extended sleep.

And while extension of the amount of time in sleep is good, my guess is that improving the quality of your sleep, which is the real goal of Anabolic Sleep, does these things just as much.

It’s just much easier to measure the hours asleep than the quality of it.

Enter this small study titled, “The Effects of Sleep Extension on the Athletic Performance of Collegiate Basketball Players.”

  • Would you like faster sprint times?
  • How about more accuracy?
  • Faster reaction time?
  • Enhanced mood?
  • And a better energy level?

Sounds like a lot of great benefits, worth seeking out, right?

More sleep did exactly that. The authors wrote:

“The results of this study strongly suggest that the less frequently considered approach of extending total sleep time may perhaps be the one with the most potential for positive impact on athletic performance. For an athlete to reach optimal performance, an accurate knowledge of one’s nightly sleep requirement and obtaining this amount should be considered integral factors in an athlete’s daily training regimen.”

Now you may or may not think of yourself as an athlete, but if you want to be fit you should pay attention. As they said, it’s an integral factor.

There was also this little tricky bit that is worth mentioning…

“This study reveals an athlete’s inability to accurately assess how much sleep one actually obtains each night, thus leading to a misperception regarding the duration of sleep that constitutes adequate nightly sleep time.”

What they are saying is if I ask you how much you sleep, your answer will likely be wrong.

And like I said, quality of sleep is much tougher to quantify and guess.

Once again, if you want to be faster and better then check this out.

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