Does Lack of Sleep Sap Strength?

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Not really, or at least not immediately.

A study titled “The acute effects of twenty-four hours of sleep loss on the performance of national-caliber male collegiate weightlifters” stated that:

“These data suggest that 24 hours of sleep loss has no adverse effects on weightlifting performance.”

Essentially, you’ll be just as strong in max attempt type of lifting as you would without the sleep.

Endurance is a different matter…most likely just because of changes in your mood that may make it tough to put forth the same amount of effort over a prolonged period.

But still that’s just lack of sleep for one night.

That’s nothing.

While it is great to isolate this variable for this study purpose, it’s not what the average person is dealing with…

Which is chronic sleep deprivation.

And keep in mind, it is NOT just about the quantity of sleep, but the quality of it too. Both are critically important.

So missing a night’s sleep may not impact your strength the next day…

But make crappy sleep your regular routine and you can guarantee you’re not going to make the gains that are needed.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you some more research on the flip side (aka extending sleep).

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