16 Things I Avoid for Testosterone

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Yesterday, I gave a list of 25 things I do to maintain high testosterone. (If you missed it, that list is here.)

Today, we cover the equally important, possibly even more so, side of what NOT to do.

1. I don’t use conventional skin care products, like lotions.
2. I don’t use conventional deodorant.
3. I don’t use conventional shampoo or conditioner.
4. I strive to avoid conventional food (aka pesticide, herbicide, etc. laden food) as much as possible.
5. I don’t drink tap water from a municipal supply.
6. I don’t live with a “Woe is Me” attitude or victim mindset.
7. I do not over-train to the point of jacking up cortisol.
8. I do not keep a cell phone next to my balls. (While this may not kill testosterone, the effects on degrading sperm quality are well-proven.)
9. I reduce the amount of plastic I use as much as possible, especially when it comes to food.
10. I don’t like most clothing, furniture, bedding, etc., instead striving to get organic clothing and furniture where possible, eliminating more of the poisons from my environment.
11. I don’t overwork myself to the point of crashing.
12. I don’t avoid certain macro-nutrients like many diets tell you to do (though different ones at different times can be useful).
13. I don’t think genetics determines everything about my health or that there’s no point in doing anything.
14. I don’t avoid cholesterol.
15. I avoid non-fermented soy.
16. I don’t carry excess bodyweight in the form of fat.

Much of this has to do with endocrine disrupting chemicals. A few other things have to do with stress or other signals that will deplete your good hormone levels.

In some ways, this side of things might be MORE important than what you do. Unfortunately, in today’s environment, the deck is stacked against you. When you realize that there is BPA (a bad endocrine disruptor) even in the air you realize you have to step up your game!

By all means, take one or more things from this list and start doing it in your life today.

Once again, you can find far more information inside of Upgrade Your Testosterone.

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