28 Things I do for Testosterone

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The answer is a LOT of things. Besides getting injections, which I don’t necessarily recommend, there is no one thing that is going to give you great testosterone levels.

Instead, if you’re looking at a natural approach, it’s about the stacking of many moderate to small things.

While you can find my whole plan, just about everything I’ve learned on the topic (at least up ‘til the point when I wrote it), inside of Upgrade Your Testosterone, I figured I would take a little bit of time to “laundry list” some of the many things I do.

1. I sun tan naked.
2. I eat cruciferous vegetables and other leafy greens every day.
3. I eat berries.
4. I take herbs certain herbs that support hormone levels in roundabout ways (though I don’t need the BIG GUNS of herbs that are more directly boosting)
5. I do strength training (duh!)
6. I compete (mostly with myself) in the gym.
7. I drink fresh, spring water. (Not directly for testosterone, but without hydration, nothing works well).
8. I live a purpose-driven life.
9. I have sex regularly.
10. I engage in rest and relaxation on a daily basis. (For me, reading, playing with my baby, watching movies, playing the piano, etc.)
11. I semi-regularly do blood testing to verify my hormone levels and other factors.
12. I almost always sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night.
13. I eat organic.
14. I eat good quality carbs, fat, and protein.
15. I fast once a week for about 24 hours and sometimes fast other times as well.
16. I regularly spend time outdoors on a daily basis (though could stand to spend more time).
17. I maintain physiology that reflects high testosterone.
18. I eat 3 eggs for breakfast (among other things) about four to five times a week.
19. I eat oysters whenever I have the chance to get them fresh.
20. I live my life with an attitude of taking charge and control.
21. I feel successful.
22. I do fun things with my man-friends.
23. I occasionally supplement with vitamins or minerals as I feel I need them.
24. I meditate/hypnotize myself on a daily basis.
25. I enjoy my work.
26. I sleep on an organic bed with organic blankets and other materials.
27. I use glass containers for most of my food and drinks.
28. I pay attention to signals from my body that indicate I might need to amp up certain things that I do.

If I spent more time, I could certainly come up with even more reasons but I think that’s enough for now.

Actually, as important as what you do is what you DON’T DO. Tomorrow I’ll cover that…

In the meantime, if you want the deep dive, showing the reasoning behind all these things and so much more than pick up a copy of Upgrade Your Testosterone.

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