6 Steps to Psych Up

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As I said in my previous article very few people give you any sort of specifics on the how to of psyching up. And remember this doesn’t mean you need to have people slapping you in the face. (I never liked that one personally, but hey I guess it works for some.) Psyching up is just one example of state control. And state control means strength control.

Here’s the important thing. You need to find what works for YOU.

In Berzerker State , I show you everything I’ve been doing so you can take and use it. But more importantly I show you how you can use the principles and change or tweak them to make it work for you. Everyone is an individual and you need to hack into your own “mind codes” to get your own optimal results.

None of this would have happened without my background in NLP. If you’re familiar with that you may have seen this chart before. If you understand this than state control becomes pretty easy. And if you don’t understand it, I explain it fully in this new book.


Here I’m going to give you a sneak peak of six triggers I use.


Everyone knows you can use music to get you psyched up. That’s why so many people use it. But here I show some advanced tips you probably haven’t heard before.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Just the yesterday I was talking to a friend and he was commenting how taking a pre-workout supplement he knew in 30 minutes he’d be working out. The supplement does more than just cause a physiological reaction but can be just as important psychologically too!


Breathing is the gateway into controlling your subconscious. There’s some obvious ways of using breath to help you to reach that peak state but are you using them?

The Walk

This was something interesting I noticed myself doing naturally during my better workouts. So I started doing it during my worse workouts and it instantly improved them.


The movies running in your mind (whether you’re aware of them playing or not) are going to dictate your results. Its only when you take conscious control of these that you can be sure they help you, not hinder. I guarantee you’ve never seen this information put together in this way before.

Going Super Saiyen

If you’re a fan of Dragonball Z you know what that means. If not then you don’t. Suffice to say the use of the imagination can be far more powerful then sticking around in reality. I think this picture says more than words could possible do.

dragonball Z

Do you think the following lift, 170 lbs. more than my previous best, was successful?

You can grab your copy of Berzerker State today.

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