992 Total Testosterone

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Recently, I got my latest blood work back.

And I was happy to find I hit a new PR in both total and free testosterone!

992 ng/dL Total Testosterone

And my Free Testosterone came in at 17.2 ng/dL.

I have a post going into more detail about the results over at Lost Empire. I’m sharing it to say I’m living proof that my methods work.

This is an amazing result, especially considering I was likely born, and grew up with less testosterone than average. If you want my complete testosterone plan, which includes training, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, attitude and more, then check out Upgrade Your Testosterone.

In celebration of this, you can use the coupon code 992T to get $10 off.

It’s really not that difficult. Above everything else, this is a natural living plan, with just a few targeted things you need to do. But make no mistake, it is harder in today’s world than it used to be, because of pervasive endocrine disrupting pollution that is everywhere (including the air you and I breathe).

You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to make sure your hormones are running strong.

One of those death from all causes studies I was talking about last week that I came across for men was that higher T and DHT, shown by bloodwork, means you die less. Not surprising, just good to know. (Especially with DHT, since that has gotten a bad rap due to baldness and prostate issues.)

I share this to say that I practice what I preach, and what I preach works. At least for me, but I’d bet it would work for you too 😉

You can read more about the importance of these and what to do here.

Remember to use the coupon 992T when checking out.

Upgrade Your Testosterone

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