Applied Knowledge is Power

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Had to share this comment from Inner Circle member, Scott.

It flies in the face of the cultural idea that things get worse with age. (And we all need to work to overturn that idea both personally and then to influence others by example.)

Hi Logan,

Your newsletters and books are great! Have read Mental Muscle twice, Awesome! And apply it to my kettlebell strength training of cleans, presses and squats along with alternating body weight exercises.

Am almost 46 yrs. young with wife, 2 young kids and busy work schedule. My weight is same as when I graduated high school at 185. Classmates my age are so out of shape and unfit that it’s pathetic. Have no aches or pains and my recovery comes as I listen to my body and not training to failure. Much of this has come from reading your stuff! Just finishing the read on Upgrade Your Breath… It’s awesome and am teaching it to my customers/patients that I talk to in my pharmacy as a means to relax, unwind and lesson their anxiety. It’s totally helped me and my close friends.

What amazes me Logan, is your knowledge base in overall health and longevity. I’ve read lots on health and fitness over the years, but you bring it to a whole new and different level! Would take years to uncover what you give us for little to no cost on these “gems” of information. Also, the strength you have for your physique is extraordinary. I thought I was pretty strong until I saw some of the things that you’ve done or are currently doing!

Keep up the good work Logan! You are truly helping people!

Thank you Scott. I truly appreciate hearing this.

I like what you said about bringing it to a different level and the years of uncovering for these gems.

That’s because I HAVE spent years uncovering this information.

While so many people specialize in one thing I study diverse fields. Aiding in my physical training has been NLP, alternative health, herbalism, hypnosis, energy medicine, EFT, other forms of personal development, habits and much more.

(I don’t even often mention some of the “weirder” stuff I’m into 😉

That’s what brings it to the next level.

Just yesterday my brother asked me how many books I read each year. I’m not sure the exact answer but I guesstimated about 50-70.

I know that’s not normal. That the average person stops reading books after school…

But I don’t want to be normal.

Because let’s face it…well, average sucks!

Why do I read so much? Applied knowledge is power.


That’s also why I write so much. That’s part of my learning strategy too.

I distilled dozens of books, months of in-person training courses, and countless hours of experimentation with myself and clients into Mental Muscle.

It’s sometimes hard for me to think of the tens of thousands I spent on my mental training education that went into that book that you can pick up for less than $25. Or less than $10 for the ebook version!

With the recently released Upgrade Your Breath it was the same thing. About ten years of experience with breathing exercises, countless books on the subject, distilled down into what is probably the most comprehensive breath resource there is available anywhere.

All it takes to be successful is:

  • Constant learning…
  • Applying that learning in whatever endeavor
  • Adapt to feedback and keep going.

This is true for strength.

This is true for health.

This is true for business.

This is true for ANYTHING.

So ask yourself two questions. What are you learning today? What are you doing today?

(For best results you should have more than one answer to both of these questions.)

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