Arch in Handstand Pushups

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When it comes to handstand pushups, how little or how much you arch your back can make a big impact on the exercise.

First of all, arching is not necessarily going to hurt you like some people claim. As long as you don’t do it excessively, which depends on what your body is able to handle, it is quite safe for the spine to bend like this.

Still excessive arching happens, especially when working towards your maximum strength levels. This occurs because if your lower body freezes in space, you’re not having to push it upwards. Pushing into a tighter arch allows you to handle less of your bodyweight.

This can be helped by doing exercises more easily in your strength range.

You can also see where socks against a slick surface, which helps to avoid friction that can contribute.

You can also focus on keeping the core tighter which will make your lower body have to move while pushing up.

Lastly, if you still find it happening, you can switch to reverse handstand pushups, where your front faces the wall. In this position, your body cannot arch so much. Most people find reverse handstand pushups harder strength wise, and it is partially for this reason alone.

Arching in handstand pushups is just one of many positioning tips that can make a difference. Find plenty more inside of The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups available here.

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