An Evolved Bob Hoffman

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I’ve been called many things over the years. An evolved Bob Hoffmann is a new one to me!

Ed writes in regarding Deceptive Strength:

  1. I love this book because it confirmed and reinforced many concepts I either knew or had an “innate” understanding, especially what I know best: Olympic Weightlifting and its support exercises. Also, I like your approach in just about all aspects of health and strength…clear, solid reasoning & logic, and “conservative” based on science.
  2. The results I’ve seen from applying this information are since last winter, November 2016, I have used the workout/exercise design 5 sets of 5 reps with usually a warm-up of 1 set of 10 reps, depending on the exercise. The results are something to appreciate…my strength has never been better and increasing, thus far.
  3. You have such a eclectic approach to your physical and mental disciplines, which I appreciate and like the systems-thinking method so keep that going. I see you as an “evolved,” or updated, Bob Hoffman from the Strength & Health days from York, Pennsylvania.

Not sure that any of the above helps, however, keep-up the great content and keep-on improving in all aspects of your life.

Thank you Ed!

I strive to be logical in just about all I do (while at the same time recognizing that logic sometimes has shortcomings). The same with science. And let’s face it, strength training is not, nor should it be, rocket science.

Simple and effective methods, such as 5×5, can deliver great results.

For those that don’t know Bob Hoffman, he ran York Barbell, published lots of books, and was responsible for leading many of the great US Olympic athletes like John Grimek, John Davis and others. He is one of many that I have studied over the years. Being called an evolved version of him is certainly an honor.

While I agree that I am eclectic in my approach, I do always strive to bring it all together in a simple to use systematic approach.

For some reason, there was a lack of information in training for strength without caring about getting big and bulky. That’s unfortunate because a lot of people don’t actually want the latter.

That’s what I was going for, and that is why I wrote Deceptive Strength. If that is your goal too, or you just want to learn how to get stronger besides adding muscle, this book if for you.

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