As Good as Steroids?

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An interesting question…

Dorian asks, “Can your Testosterone and HGH programs work as good as steroids and HGH injections?”

My first reaction to this was of course not…but there are two sides to this.

The answer depends on what you mean by “work as good”.

With steroids, testosterone replacement, or growth hormone injections, you can use supramaximal doses far more than the body was ever meant to have.

In this way you can create massive effects, as well as side effects.

And no amount of natural hormone optimization, which is covered in those guides, will equal this.

On the flip side there are two big points.

First of all do you even want supramaximal dosages? Most people would say no, though many top level bodybuilders and athletes are willing to go that route.

As I said this comes with side effects.

But perhaps even more important is that testosterone and growth hormone are only two hormones.

While they get all the “anabolic” attention your body operates off of hundreds more. DHT, androstenedione, Estriol, DHEA, cortisol, GHRH, GHIH, LH, IGF-1, and on and on I could go.

Guess what? You can’t just boost one hormone without affecting the WHOLE system.

And that’s part of the point of a natural hormone optimization program. While it may be targeted for “testosterone” or “growth hormone” it’s really about the symphony of hormones at play there.

It’s really about getting the nutrition and proper signaling your body needs so that the hormones take care of themselves.

In this way, if you do it right, I see no reason why a 60 year old, or even older, can’t have the hormone levels of a 20 year old.

My belief, and I’m sticking to it, is that hormones drop with age because we’re doing it wrong!

Because it is wholistic, in my opinion, these programs are BETTER than steroids or HGH injections. But it really depends on your aim.

So if you want more details check them out here.

Upgrade Your Testosterone

Upgrade Your Growth Hormone


  1. Wow… What an awesome belief. I wonder how many people caught the affirmation you dropped there! Loving that! Thanks Logan 🙂

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