Benefits of Inversions

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This past weekend at a longevity conference I learn one more benefit of inversions.

Did you know that every species on this earth suffers from osteoarthritis? That is except for two, bats and sloths. What makes these two immune to this disease? They spend so much time hanging upside down!


The simple headstand can give you the benefits of inversion

I’m not saying headstands or hand balancing will cure arthritis, but isn’t that interesting.

By reversing the flow of gravity you do your body many benefits.

It allows the body to clear the often stagnant blood from your legs and feet. You heart needs to work hard to pump blood back up the body. Getting upside down makes this easy.

Inversion helps with not only circulation, but to increase oxygen to the brain which has obvious benefits.

Inverting can help relax the muscles, re-align the body and train your balance. In fact, being completely upside down is the only time your spinal discs get a break from the normal pull of gravity.

For more details on the benefits of inversion check out this page.

Now you don’t have to be a yogi or professional equilibrist to reap these benefits.

Doing a headstand even against the wall will give you all these benefits. You can also try hanging upside down.

But you can imagine what doing 30 minutes a day of hand balancing can do for your health.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


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