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Longevity Now Conference

Live from the conference

I just got back yesterday from the Longevity Now Conference held in Costa Mesa.

Quite simply it was a mind blowing event.

I learned not only a great deal on information on how to improve your health but things that can equally improve your strength, athletic progress, and recovery as well.

I’ll be sharing many of these things with you. Just need to put them to the test first and do some more research.

Many people start working out just for their health. Others are in it for performance and to become strong. Either way, there is much you can do outside of the gym that will make a huge difference.

I’ve realized my role is to be on the cutting edge of information and I do that in any field that interests me. If you don’t have time for that, that’s fine, I will be the one to deliver it to you.

I just learned some of the greatest health information in the world. And in a couple weeks I’ll be flying out to work with Adam Glass and many others, learning what looks like the very cutting edge of training information.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out Adam’s video here.

And between all this traveling I’ll take the time to deliver more of this information to you. In fact, in a few moments I’ll be starting on a report of one simple thing you can do (that’s so obvious) that will improve everything you do.

You’ll think it can’t be that easy but it is. And it costs nothing.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


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