Bodyweight Isometrics

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Seeing as bodyweight and isometrics are always popular subjects to my readers, this question from Charles covers both…

Recently saw you doing some 1-arm chin-up isometric holds which are very difficult but awesome for building arm and back strength. Was wondering if you know of any other powerful bodyweight isometric holds, and if you planned on putting out a book on the topic in the future, if so, count me in to buy one!


The one arm chin is an elite level move. I’m talking about the real move, where it is done solely with the single arm.

It is one I have yet to complete…though there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll eventually conquer it.

Because of its difficulty there have been many paths made towards it, and one of those is isometrics.

Holding the top position.
Holding the middle position.
Holding near the bottom.
And everywhere in between.

The fact is if you can just hold the position with one arm you’re pretty strong.

Beyond that basically any of the high strength bodyweight exercises could be done in isometric form.

One arm pushups
Handstand pushups
One leg squats

And of course, the further you go with bodyweight training the more many moves become purely isometric. Like levers and planches.

You can even work up to the CTI (the Close to Impossible) ala Jasper Benicasa.


As for whether or not I will do a book on that? Probably not, but perhaps I’ll update my Ultimate Guides to Bodyweight Training with an additional section on isometric training.

You can find the current versions of those here.

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