How does someone even dream this up?

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That was a question I received on my 1003 lb. wrestler’s bridge support.

I’m not sure if that was meant in a good way, or bad, but it made me pause to think.

If you haven’t seen this video, one of the feats I’ve done that I’m most proud of, check it out below.

So how did I dream it up?

Well, first of all when I first got into serious bodyweight training I was introduced to the wrestler’s bridge from Matt Furey.

It was incredibly tough for me to do when starting out…but I kept at it.

Eventually I was bridging better than anyone I knew.

A ten minute no hand hold. But that got boring, so I started working on supporting weight.

I had supported another human before, but I often trained alone so I start lifting kettlebells and barbells in this position.

I looked at what some strongmen like George Hackenschmidt had done.

Around this time I put together my Advanced Bridging Course, covering the wrestler’s as well as hand bridge in more depth than covered anywhere else.

What probably inspired me most to pursue this was strongman Valentin Dikul though, specifically this video.

As a performing strongman you have to do some unique things. There’s stuff that just about everyone does, then there are your specialties.

Because I’ve been doing it a long time, bridging is one of mine.

Of course this feat does have an element of danger. I don’t recommend it to other people but it goes to show that bridging (in a more normal manner) can build a powerful neck.

And that’s something everyone ought to have.

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