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Chiropractic vs. Mobility

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I have a friend that has had an on-again, off-again spine issue for…well, years now.

Sometimes, it’s not bad at all.

But other times it’s horrible. Sometimes it makes it so that her leg falls asleep when she’s trying to sleep, which stops her from being able to sleep. Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

Lately, it’s been harder for her to get around with her child.

She does some working out, mostly at classes, and that helps a bit, but it’s not targeted.

During the recent flare-up, she started visiting a chiropractor at $119 per session.

It’s helping…

But to me, there’s a failure in self-responsibility here.

She’s doing something! That’s good. But she’s looking outside herself for answers.

Don’t get me wrong, chiropractic can be great. I’ve used it from time to time myself.

The problem is she doesn’t know how to fix her own problem. And THAT is the solution that needs to be found.

The chiropractic will help manage her symptoms at best.

What she needs to do is figure out how to manage her own body in the right way that this problem not only becomes more manageable…but eventually disappears completely.

I know this kind of thing can happen. I’ve had it happen countless times myself. I’ve helped many other people to do the same.

There is a downside. And this will stop most people. (Whether or not it stops my friend remains to be seen…)

You have to put in some work. You have to be willing to experiment. And you have to learn to listen to your body. That’s how you know if your experiments work or not.

Sadly, I can’t fix her pain for her. I can give suggestions, but ultimately it comes down to her individual case and what will work for her.

Is that too tall of an order?

Will it stop you if you have a similar painful issue?

$119 per chiropractor visit.

Or just a one-time fee for Intuitive Mobility, which will give you a skill set that you can use for a lifetime.

In my opinion, the ROI on this investment makes it a no-brainer.

But then again, I think differently from most people. I believe in self-responsibility and in fixing my own problems rather than just dealing with them.

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