Damien Walters 2010

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In case you haven’t seen this video, check out one of the greatest athletes out there, Damien Walters.

One thing I think you can take away from this video is that much practice is done in a gymnastics center as well as outside in ‘regular’ terrain. Build up your skills in the safer environment before going outside.


  1. I love Parkour, Free Running, Tricking, & all things simalar. Of course Damien is awesome & inspiring!

  2. Lots ,,lots of respect for this guy..I bow down to him..amazing what he did in this video.

  3. This guy is amazing. I’ve seen his videos before but I love watching them again and again. This man was set upon this earth to proove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. great stuff.

  4. He is great! I’ve seen his other videos before, what else can I say, he is amazing. I should watch it more often, from time to time.

  5. Lucky Mr Walters.

    At first I watched this video loads, but now, months (or even a year) later it is ‘too much’ and seems over-the-top / selfish (that he can DO so much).

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