My Favorite Mobility Drills

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In this video, I walk you through some of my favorite mobility drills:

When it comes to something being a favorite, there are several ways you could label it that. It may be something you’re good at. It may be something you like doing.

Or it may be something you aren’t good at, but has payoffs for doing.

Some of my favorites include these:

  • Toe Pulls regular and outside
  • Hanging mobility like shoulder scapula circles
  • Shoulder boxes
  • Shoulder screw
  • Thoracic spine circles
  • Spinal spiral
  • Wrist roll
  • Shoulder dislocates
  • Overhead squat mobility
  • Hip opener squat

These are some of the moves I’m enjoying for one reason or another right now. But overtime this list will change.

And notice that I like to do these in an intuitive mobility fashion; meaning, I listen to my body as for what it likes as I do them.

More for info on doing an intuitive mobility routine click here.

Intuitive Mobility Course

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