First Ring Muscle Up at 60

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I love to share successes of those who put into practice what I teach.

This video from Greg is a perfect example.

I did it! My first ring muscle up after 2&1/2 years.

I first saw a picture many years ago of someone who had done a bar muscle up, the article stated that this was an exclusive exercise which works everything in your upper body. This sounds like the thing for me as I love pull ups.

So my journey started with trying bar MU, getting close, but never getting through the transfer move. I am 5’9, 172 pounds, with long arms.

I finally read that long arms do better with ring MU and short arms the bar.

So the rings one program from Gold Medal Bodies again got me close initially, but no success.

Then Dragon door had your Mental Muscle e book which I scooped up.

From there I found and bought your audio files with the self hypnosis, focusing on the skills ones. I think that after 2 years of misses, I needed to change gears in my head, from the self doubt which would be in the back of my mind when I try to MU.

So using your skills portion with ring MU was able to finally let me achieve it!

Thank you for the tools you have given me to win at this.


Thank you Greg. Thanks for working at it and being persistent.

I really like the programs that Gold Medal Bodies puts together.

AND for best effects people must work on the mental game along with the physical. That’s because often times it is the mental component that holds them back. And even if it’s not a specific mental block, these mental tools can still be used to supercharge what you can do.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Mental Muscle, what are you waiting for?

Mental Muscle

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