Ralph Waldo Emerson on Strength Training

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Well, it’s not actually about strength training per se, but it does have to do with it.

This truth applies to just about anything, but certainly he could be talking about fitness.

When many people first get into strength training they often ask what is the best?

What is the best tool?

Barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, kettlebells, odd objects, etc.

What is the best method?

Muscle control, training to failure, HIIT, HIT, Crossfit, Convict Conditioning, Combat Conditioning, P90X, etc.

What is the best set and rep scheme?

5×5, one set to failure, singles up to a max, 3 x 10, 3×3, etc.

None of that really matters.

Yes, some is better than others, but you MUST look at the principles behind it.

If there was one principle to rule them all when it comes to training I would have to say it is…

The principle of progressive overload.

Without this idea, what you do will not work.

Now many systems and methods, have it built in, if they are any good, but if you simply “grok” the principle you can train in just about any way you choose and have good results.

Another principle is positive expectation.

This is one of those areas that has to do with the mental side of training, like I cover in Mental Muscle . Sure, there are many tactics and methods spread throughout the book but the principles are all in there as well.

You must expect positive results in order to get positive results.

Though you may plan for the worst, when you’re training success begets success.

There are plenty more principles…

Yin and yang of training.
What gets tracked gets improved.

Listen to your body.

Mind and body are interwoven.

Yada, yada, yada…

Many of these principles are covered in depth in the Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle. The next issue shows just how much that last one is true!

The takeaway for today is to focus on the principles of your training.

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