Full Standing Rollout (PR Report 9-21-13)

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In the past I’ve talked about how the first time you achieve something it is often times very ugly.

Your form is far from perfect but that’s okay. As long as it won’t hurt you, and there is a difference between ugly form in achieving something and ugly form that could lead to injuries, you’re good to go.

Achieving something for the first time is a big step. Now you work on cleaning up your form. In fact, form can be used as a form of progression in this regard.

My first standing ab wheel rollout is ugly. I’ll be the first to admit that.

But I did it! Touched my nose to the ground and rolled back up.

There’s still a pike in my hips at the bottom but I’ll work towards getting my body straighter in the future.
This has been a major goal for me since I first got into training. At 6’2” it is a long lever and very difficult. I came up with a training method for it that I first described in The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises. I also talk about it when discussing progression in the Brand New Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle bonus videos.

Some other major PR’s from this week include 100 chin-ups in a single workout. This is the most volume I did working with sets of 5 the whole way through.

Lots more partials too.

Here is a 725 lb. quarter squat. The more I do these the more respect I gain for big squatters because this is not my strength at all. Bud Jeffries 1000 lb. squat from the bottom becomes ever more incredible in my eyes. This beats my previous best by 10 lbs.

Of course my dead lifting is much stronger. Here is a 545 lb. three quarters range Jefferson which beats out my previous best by 10 lbs. once again.

I’m working on some new exercises on top of the partials in experimenting towards a new idea and future course called Strengthen Your Structure.

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