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I was working with a client again today and came up with something that can help you big in the frog stand, and thus work your way to the handstand.

I’ll shoot a video of it soon and put it online for you to see. (Should have had the camera rolling right then…oh well, maybe next time.)

That brings me to the new Secrets of the Handstand 2.0 DVD.

Thanks to everyone that picked it up over the past week.

There is still time to get in on it. After all, it’s free. All I ask is your help in shipping and handling.

And you get to try out the new Advanced Bodyweight Training Monthly along with it too.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Starting now and over the next couple months I’m giving all the members what’s going to become my bodyweight strength training course.

And they’re getting it for a fraction of the price I’ll be selling it at later by getting in now.

People have been asking me about this course for years. I’ve finally just put it together so that anyone can become ridiculously strong with just four exercises (including the variations and progressions found inside).

Some of this material I have never seen covered anywhere else.

So when you sign up today you get an 80 minute DVD that shows you how to master the handstand. You’ll also get the first Advanced Bodyweight DVD covering one of the major exercises, that builds strength applicable to all hand balancing and acrobatic skills.

And over the next two months you’ll get the other four DVD’s to complete the course.

23 of 50 spots have already been filled. After this week is over this month’s DVD goes into the archives until the BIG course comes out.

Get in now while you can.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Sorry if you think I’m coming of a little pushy, but this is a insane deal and I highly suggest you check it out while I have it available.

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