Hair Care Routine

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I got an unusual question recently concerning my hair and what do I do to take care of it.

This is often what people wonder after seeing me pull a fire truck or a similar vehicle. When you have so much hair together in one bunch it’s really as tough as a rope, so you’d need to have extremely brittle hair for it to fall apart during these feats of strength.

Back to the topic – how do I take care of my hair? First of all, I don’t wash my hair that often – once in a 10 days or so. For most people that’s probably a long time, but it works perfectly for me. I don’t have to spend the time to wash it so often, it allows my hair to be naturally oiled so it doesn’t have to be cleaned so often. Some may need to wash their hair more often, but you definitely don’t need to do it every single day.

One of the most important factors for hair strength is your diet which should include a wide range of minerals.

I also use natural shampoo as well as conditioner, and I shampoo my hair twice. To avoid all the bad stuff from regular shampoos, I buy mine from a health food store.

To recap don’t wash your hair too often, use some sort of natural shampoo and conditioner and most importantly, make sure to take all the minerals you need through your diet or supplements.

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