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How I Do Biofeedback Training

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When I enter the gym I have a basic idea of what I’m going to be doing. But…

I do not have a written plan.

I do not know exactly what exercises I will be doing.

I do not know the weights, sets and reps.

I don’t know how long the workout will last.

But I do have my goals so I have a direction to move in.

Based on those goals I try out a few exercises.

In the Gym Movement Protocol you are taught how to gauge your body’s response to an exercise, usually done by a range of motion test.

Gym Movement 2.0

More motion = A green light to move forward with the exercise.

Less motion = Stop! This is not a good thing for your body to do at this time.

If you do those exercises that are not good for your body what is going to happen? You may still make progress. But it’ll be hard fought. And in the worst cases you’ll end up damaging yourself.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard people say “I knew I shouldn’t have been doing that, but I went ahead anyway, then POP…”

I’ve said things like that myself in the past, but no longer.

If you do exercises that are good for your body at that time what happens? Your body will feel better. Also setting some form of PR comes much, much easier.

The first time I heard about this it made sense to me. We’re working out our bodies in order to make them better. Why wouldn’t the body have some sense of what is better for it and what isn’t? Especially once it was taught to give more clear signals.

Animals in the wild can tell the difference between two foods that are the same in every which way except one big difference. If one food is grown in mineralized soil, and the other isn’t, the animals will flock to the more nutritious one, even if there is no outward appearance of differences between them.

I’m sure its because they can smell the difference even though we can’t.

When it comes to exercise its really not all that difference. After practicing with biofeedback you’ll have a greater internal awareness about yourself. You can literally feel what is good for your body and what is not.

This comes with practice. If you think you can do that right away from the beginning you’re likely going to be hallucinating!

Others may arrive in a similar place to this after many years of training. Though you can move through these stages much faster.

I seldom do range of motion testing anymore. Just by doing an exercise I can tell whether my body will respond positively to it or not.

This has come about through years of practice. Its what I teach in the Beyond Biofeedback course. This is what I call Level 3 of the 4 four levels I cover in there.


And once again, you can’t really get there without going through Level 1 and 2. But once you know the proper steps you might be surprised in just how fast it can happen for you.

I generally don’t even sell this course to the public, only to prior customers. But right now I’m giving it away.

All I ask is that you invest in the new Gym Movement 2.0 course. This gives you the biggest and best, most comprehensive foundation you need in how to do this training.

How to tailor it to your specific goals whether that’s changing how your body looks or getting much stronger.

It can be used no matter what tools or methods you’ve previously learned. You’ll discover what it takes to put everything to the test and find the greater results you can achieve when you do so.

Back to me being in the gym. I have my goals so I test exercises along those lines and find out which ones my body wants to do. I then will find the best variation and load to use then I get started.

It might be heavy singles. It might be high reps. It could be a couple sets or it could be in the double digits.

Then I do the same for the next exercise until I feel done for the day.

In everything I do I will do something better than the time before when I did that exercise.

And my body feels great doing it. When you work this easy you don’t have aches and pains, and little injuries from your training.

I’m sorry to say this, but if you do, you’re doing something wrong!

It doesn’t matter whether I’m hand balancing, kettlebell juggling, lifting heavy weights, bending steel or whatever. By listening to my body I get better results.

If you choose to ignore your body you will suffer the consequences of doing so. It may not be right now, but it will happen.

The choice is yours.

Struggle the gym. Work your ass off in order to make progress and get plagued by plateaus or progress ending injuries.


Learn how to best listen to your body. Get faster gains in the gym with much less of a chance of injury.

If you’d like to do this you need to check out Gym Movement 2.0. You’ll get the more than 4 hours of instruction there, plus send me your receipt and I’ll hook you up with my Beyond Biofeedback Course with roughly 2 more hours of training plus a manual to take it to the next level.

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