How to Build Muscular Triceps with Bodyweight Exercise

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Last week, I put out an article of some pushup variations that could help build a muscular chest. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Today, we switch gears and focus on the arms, specifically the triceps.

First, let me state, that all pushups use both the pecs and the triceps. You can’t get away from that. But, the variations do allow you to more heavily target one or the other. What follows are three variations that can pump up the triceps.

Diamond Pushups

Bring the hands in so that the thumbs and index fingers are touching. Doing so they form a diamond shape. (Or, a tip from Al Kavadlo, you can make it so that it’s more of an arrowhead by not extending the thumbs, which can be a more comfortable position for some people.)

Then do pushups as you normally would. Here, less chest is used and more triceps.

Hand on Hand Pushup

This is the previous idea, simply taken a step further. Instead of the hands touching, overlap them so that one hand is on top of the other. It is a good idea to switch which hand is on top from set to set, as the top hand arm will have a slightly different angle of pushing as well as range of motion.

Tiger Bend Pushup

The tiger bend in its full form is an awe-inspiring move. It involves pressing up from a forearm stand up into a handstand. While momentum is typically used, it still takes a lot of strength, especially in the triceps and shoulders.

The tiger bend pushup takes the same idea, but does it in a way the average person will be able to handle. You start in a plank position, that is elbows and forearms against the ground. Then, using tricep strength, you press up onto your hands. Lower down under control and repeat.

Workouts for this can be done in the same fashion as before.

Select a variation that you could do about 20-25 reps if you went all out. But don’t go all out. Instead, aim for 4-6 sets of 12-15. And if you can do six sets of fifteen up the intensity in your next workout.

These same ideas can be applied to handstand pushups. The hand-on-hand handstand pushup is crazy difficult tricep exercise! Find out how to build up to it here.

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