I blame Descartes

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Based on the correspondence I get many people fall into three camps regarding hypnosis.

1) They think it’s BS
2) They think it’s a magical solution
3) They think it’s a useful tool

Let’s discuss these in order.

For those thinking all hypnosis is bunk, it’s often because they’ve seen a stage hypnosis show and think “that wouldn’t work on me.”

But this isn’t stage hypnosis.

Really that and this are two completely different animals.

That’s for entertainment. This is for results.

If we’re aiming at something you want, why wouldn’t you want it to work on you? If something so simple could give you greater strength, health, skill or endurance, wouldn’t it be worth trying?

It’s not very scientific to dismiss something outright because of prior belief that it doesn’t work. That’s not how scientific experiments are done.

I blame Descartes for creating the idea of the Mind-Body split.

Unfortunately, this has cemented itself into our culture, and is only beginning to unravel.

How you think most certainly DOES affect your body (and vice versa).

Hypnosis is a tool, and not the only one, that can help you “alter” your mind, and thus change your results.

And so, people will say, “Oh, it’s just the placebo effect.”

Placebo is when you believe something will work, that belief makes it so.

To that I say exactly!

The placebo effect isn’t something mysterious. It’s about belief. And if we can re-encode your beliefs with hypnosis, AND IT GETS RESULTS that has a very real effect.

Whether you call it placebo or not doesn’t matter. The fact is you can’t double blind test hypnosis, after all. A person knows if they’re receiving hypnotic commands or not.

The placebo effect also works in the opposite way. If you believe something won’t work you can shut down its effects.

So gimme 11 minutes (that’s the average of most of these hypnotic tracks) and you can prove to yourself whether it works or not.

There’s a money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work for you, no harm no foul.

Now onto #2. As great as hypnosis is, it won’t do the work for you.

You still have to workout.

You still have to eat right.

You still have to manage your own thoughts the rest of the time.

While there can be some great results quickly, more often than not, it takes some time.

But the hypnosis can help. And as several people have seen, it can even make the doing of those other things easier. That’s built into every hypnotic track I created.

That leaves group number three. This is the camp I’m in, and I’d like you to be as well.

Join the hundreds of others who are beneficially using these hypnotic tracks.

“I believe that the hypnosis allowed me to dig into strength reserves that would have otherwise been unavailable to me.”
-Matt Breed

“Feels like my mind got stronger to the point my muscles and other connective tissues have a bit of catching up to do. I really like it and will continue using it.”
-James Marcus

“The hypnosis tracks definitely helped me, and I will use them when I begin another program.”
– Roberto Barbieri

“The hypnosis track was essential to my gains. I enjoyed doing this and I’m really impressed with the power of hypnosis.”
– Chris Wooler

“I did it! My first ring muscle up after 2&1/2 years. Thank you for the tools you have given me to win at this.”
– Greg Watkins

“Applying this information and listening to the audio I have greatly improved the recovery of the pain in my hips and knees after exercising to rebuild these joints after being very badly injured and I hope to progress to the jumping pistol squat.”
– Paul R Day.

“With no experience with hypnosis, I found it very relaxing and hit a PR with presses on my right side. ”
– Ben Swarts

And there is much more where that came from.

After this week ends the price on each one of the hypnotic tracks goes up.


  1. Logan. Most ppl are disconnected fr the ethereal realm. Like you said they believe that the components of a human are split. We must speak roman to the Romans and most people can’t accept that with faith you can move mountain. But the way you break it down is in a way that peoe who have become callused to that type of language can become reacquainted Ted with the idea of faith and hope. Quite brilliant.

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