I’m Opening a Gym

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BIG News! I’m opening a gym.

In fact, I just need to sign the lease for a place I’ve been looking at.

It’ll be a fairly small place but I’m not looking to run a hundred, or even twenty people through a class.

It’s funny. I originally started my business to become a personal trainer. Then I started doing the online thing and went full force into that when I had some success, only doing a little bit of personal training on the side when people asked about it.

But now I’ve decided to change it up and go back to the original plan…sort of.

The truth is half the reason I’m opening the gym is for it to act as my film studio. To shoot new projects. To show you teaching in action. And much more.

My websites aren’t going away. In fact I plan on delivering even more game-changing information soon. I’ve been studying some stuff that’ll blow your mind…but back to the gym.

I’ll also be using it to throw various events like workshops.

To start off with will be a Grand Opening party. I’ve only begun thinking of ideas for the event. There’ll definitely be lots of food, acrobatics feats of strength and much more.

Do you want to come?

For those in the local area, or willing to drive a couple hours I’d love for you to stop by when we’re up and running.

The problem is I don’t know how many people are close by. If you are would you do me a favor fill out your information on this page?

(And in case you don’t know I’m located near Santa Cruz, California)

When you do I’ll not only send you information regarding the opening and future events but I send you a gift too!

Just signup on the page and we’ll take it from there.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. This week is a good week for hand and grip strength.

Adam Glass has released his second video in his grip series. This one shows how you can make effective grip tools for less than $10.

And Jedd Johnson has written a guest post on why you should start bending (if you haven’t already). And soon his bending DVD will be available.


  1. Hello Mate,

    I live in London UK pretty hard to come and visit you, WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like ACHIEVERS…….Maybe you will post few pics when is all done up.

    In Strength
    Giorgio Feo

  2. Congratulations and the very best to you in your new endeavors.

    Best regards,
    Mike McTamney

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