Instant Exercise Enhancer Sneak Peek

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Take a look inside of Instant Exercise Enhancers, from the live event, the Wizards of Strength Workshop.

This first video dives into what “deliberate practice” is and how it can benefit your training. This is a very different approach to how most people workout.

The next video shows a before and after of the first instant exercise method as it improves, even changing form, of kettlebell swings.

Here you’ll see how these methods can be used over and over again sometimes bringing about multiple PR’s in a single session.

The following shows Matti Marzel double reps in index finger and thumb only handstand pushups. It shows the power of the more advanced method shown in the course which adds a time element into the mental training.

There’s a lot more where that came from. You get the two complete videos from the workshop, plus a bonus training that dives even deeper into the methods.

Get Instant Exercise Enhancers here.


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