Indestructible Body Sneak Peek

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How would you like to be indestructible? While this is an ideal we can’t actually hit you can become LESS destructible! You can banish fragility from your body.

The Indestructible Body will show you how. This sneak peek features short videos from each the joints of the body. The full course covers every joint and many exercises for each to build strength, stability, flexibility and mobility (the qualities needed for indestructibility).

The first video shows a loaded mobility exercise of elbow circles in the top pushup or plank position.

Wrist flexibility is an issue for many people (especially those that want to do handstands). This drill is a great way to load the stretch on them.

Fingertip pushups are commonly used to strengthen the digits. Here we cover how to progress with this movement.

Mobility drills such as circles are great for each joint. Here you see them done with the ankles, but also tips on how to use speed here.

A very rare exercise to strengthen your TOES! How often are these digits trained at all? Not very. But here you can learn a simple and fun exercise to do so.

Dynamic flexibility is not used enough. You don’t need to be a martial artist to benefit from these leg swings.

The shin box is an position I learned from Scott Sonnon. Here you’ll find some tips on the flexibility of this exercise and how to flow with it.

The shoulders are the most mobile of all joints in the body. Therefore, stability becomes even more important. This shoulder plank series is one way to build that across different planes of motion.

Press, press, press. That’s all some people do. But if you want strong, stable shoulders than carrying in this position might be an even better bet. Here is one version of this overhead support.

People are scared of hurting their neck. The answer is not to neglect it, but to train it instead. A full range of mobility is the best starting place.

In my opinion no exercise can top the wrestler’s bridge as a no equipment easy to start way to strengthen your neck.

There’s a whole lot here! But this is just a small fraction of what is inside the full course. For more check out The Indestructible Body.

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