More Deadlift and Chinnup PR’s

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As I mentioned earlier I feel like my progress is accelerating. Here are two more big PR’s for me that happened back to back.

The first is a partial Jefferson deadlift. Working at about a 3/4 range of motion this is a fairly powerful position. I know I could have gone even higher and/or could have pulled a new record off of the floor. But I’ll save that for next time. I believe my Jefferson is going to become higher than my conventional deadlift.

Lately, I’ve been working on weighted chins. In this video is a bit of a struggling rep working with 110 lbs strapped on. Not perfect but I’ll count it as my chin just barely gets over the bar. This beat out my previous record of 105.

What’s my secret? Proper training for one.

And also focusing on recovery in a big way.

The funny thing is the next day after this I did a new volume PR in conventional deadlifting doing a total of 20 reps with 405 full range.

They say, “You can’t lift heavy two days in a row.”

I say BS! Learn how here.


  1. Great stuff. Quick question, with the jefferson Do you train both sides equally? If so do you just alternate sides each set or what?

    1. Author

      Close to equally. My right leg forward is a bit stronger so I tend to max out that way. But with lighter weights I switch it up every set.

  2. hi Logan,

    awesome vids!!(DL w/rock & handstandw/feline)

    q: do u think maybe the Jefferson lift could prove superior to normal deadlift stance, perhaps?? more tension/leverage..!? big deadlift fan

    1. Author

      The Jefferson has its advantages. The weight is balanced under you instead of in front like in a conventional or sumo deadlift. It’s similar to a trapbar in that regard. Also there is some rotation in the body and an uneven stance which I would say may have some great athletic carryover.

      1. thanks, Logan

        yea some guys I know have veered away from conventional DLs, on the ground it doesn’t cover enough “ground”..but the Jefferson might prove a winner, like u said

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