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Move the Damn Things!

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Two weeks ago, I shared a mobility drill that I first learned from studying muscle control, and then further worked with through what I call “Intuitive Mobility.” Specifically, it was the Shoulder Blade Box Mobility Drill. (In case you missed it, you can find it on the blog here.)

Well, I received the following response from Philippe shortly after that email went out:

“I read all your emails and have followed your writings. I am an avid lifter and I recall you giving an awesome answer to my “ask you anything” question. I recently damaged my shoulder badly doing kettlebell military presses. I didn’t screw my shoulder in properly and I heard a loud Crunch followed by searing pain in the upper region! Many movements aggravated it. The first night I could barely sleep without rolling over and writhing in agony. Fearful of my shoulder, in lifting and in ordinary life, I immediately mixed all overhead movements. I haven’t seen a doctor because I do not wish to pay unless the pain became intolerable. After a few days, I received this email and gave the shoulder box a try. Immediately, I felt relief and didn’t even notice. I reached for my drink and thought “hey wait” this motion hurt like all hell earlier! Could that really work so efficiently??! Anyways, I’m not getting to ahead of myself I hope, but I will continue doing this exercise and report back! Thank you for all that you do!!!”

The shoulder blades are seldom thought of in exercise.

Maybe, you squeeze them together when you’re bench pressing. Other than that, what?

Few people will tell you you ought to move the damn things! But I will.

And if you do, who knows, like Phillipe some pain may disappear. Or perhaps it’ll just support your health and strength in other ways…so pain doesn’t appear in the first place.

The human body is meant to move. That means every bit of it.

I was just reading some research showing that movement forces and loads can affect the expression of your genes and DNA. So, if you’re not moving well, that doesn’t bode well for you.

As of right now, I feel that The Indestructible Body is one of the best “movement” programs out there.

Indestructible Body Series

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