Movement Feedback Systems

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Isn’t it funny where the ‘AHA’ moments strike?

A couple months back, I was at a marketing seminar. The speaker was talking about feedback systems, specifically his hobby of creating audio speakers, and how this related to marketing.

Well, just the previous day I had been filming Module 5 of Intuitive Mobility. In that module, I discuss what intuition means, specifically when it comes to movement.

But seeing that guy diagram out a simple little feedback system, my mind clicked on and I knew I had a better way of teaching intuitive mobility.

So, I re-shot that entire module so that I could deliver it even better to you.

Here’s a small sneak peek…

For every single movement you do, your body is giving feedback. That’s the proprioceptive quality (along with others, like nociception, which has to do with pain). Without these feedback systems, we could not move.

But most people don’t pay attention to the feedback all that much. However, if you tune into it (by specifically paying attention), it becomes amplified. Then you may notice there is positive feedback. And, of course, there is also negative feedback.

I had discussed some qualities inside my other intuitive movement course, Beyond Biofeedback. But that’s more focused on strength training.

As I developed Intuitive Mobility, I found there is even more you need to look at.

These qualities tend to be opposites. One example is doing a movement that feels expanding versus one that is contracting.

This contrast of positive to negative feedback, is very important when it comes to mobility.

It’s simple to understand why.

Do you want more expansive movement? Or more contracted movement?

I think we would all agree. More expansive movement capability is what we want.

So, doing movement, that gives you this positive feedback via the expansive feeling, is going to lead towards more of the same.

Meanwhile, doing movement with negative feedback, is going to further shut down your movement.

This becomes one of the big keys if you’re looking to get rid of pain and injuries.

For this to work, you must pay attention to the feedback qualities. They must be internalized. Just reading this may sound like Greek to you, unless you’ve practiced what I’m talking about.

That’s why I structured Intuitive Mobility how I did. You have to build a solid foundation first. Then step by step, you can internalize these feeling qualities. Only then can you begin to have true intuitive movement.

If you want more, grab the course here.

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