When Getting Injured is a Good Thing

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This is kind of funny… And it’s happened more than once in a similar fashion too.

So, I’m filming the Intuitive Mobility course. Module six, or the bonus module, is about using the Intuitive Mobility practice in order to fix pain and injuries. I’ve touched on elements of this here and there, such as what is inside The Indestructible Body.

But the specifics of the mobility practice extend further since back when I wrote that.

Part of that module involves example videos.

I don’t know about you, but I learn best by doing. If that’s not available, the next best option is to watch someone else do. This is far better than theory.

Hence, the example videos. Because it’s intuitive, these aren’t follow along videos. (There are some of those earlier in the course, but when a “inside-the-box” structure is in place, before the free-flowing intuition is brought in.)

But I’m feeling kind of bad.

I have no pain. I have no injuries. So, I was filming videos saying, “Well if I was hurt in this way, this is what I might do.”

They were okay. But not the best way to go.

…but then the Universe provided.

I was doing a half Jefferson deadlift. That’s a partial in the rack. I was lazy so I didn’t move the complete crossbars. Instead I just lifted it from the hooks. Well, as I was pulling 535 lbs., one side got caught.

And I pulled something.

It was interesting; it was in my mid back, in the thoracic spine area. Odd, because most back injuries are to the lumbar or cervical area.

My first thought was, “Dammit! That was stupid.”

The second thought was “Well, at least this gives me something real to work with.”

And so I filmed a series of intuitive mobility fixing pain sessions for my back. That makes up a good chunk of that module.

I had too laugh cause this wasn’t the first time this happened. A few years back during my herbalism training, I got hurt right before the weekend session in which we were dealing with pain herbs.

Sometimes the universe provides.

And on that note, it is a helpful mental/emotional frame of mind to be grateful about your injuries. Even if you’ve been battling something for years, it’s giving you an opportunity to learn something about healing yourself and getting better. Hopefully, you don’t need to learn that lesson too many times. 😉

If that’s the case for you, take a chance that Intuitive Mobility can help you and sign up here.

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