Running Barefoot

Podcast: Barefoot Running Technique Part 2

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In this podcast we continue in part two of the interview with my brother Zane Christopher on the topic of barefoot running technique.

If you missed part one you can grab that here.

  • How to work up to a barefoot marathon
  • Becoming more in tune with your body and enjoying the run more
  • Foot care and how to avoid blisters on your toes
  • What to start running on and what to avoid (The common beginner mistake you really need to avoid)
  • Recommended Reading
  • Is running a complete program? What needs to be added?
  • How to structure your training
  • And much more
Running Barefoot

Zane Christopher barefoot running the the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego

Click here to access the complete transcript.


  1. Logan,
    Is there a transcript of this? My computer has trouble with the audio.

    1. There will be. Usually its posted within a few days after the audio goes up as it takes a little time to get transcribed.

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