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In this podcast I detail some of my latest health experiments and some of the issues caused by them. This is further development off of the recent Killing Parasites article.

  • Why you should experiment with your health, and how this is like strength training.
  • Some of my first experiments and recommended ones to try yourself
  • Don’t get trapped in any paradigm!
  • More about parasite symptoms and the detox
  • Should I get my appendix removed? According to the internet…Yes!
  • Taking responsibility for your own health
  • The difference between a cleansing reaction and being sick, although the symptoms may be similar
  • What a colonic is like and the benefits they can bring
  • And much more
A typical room for a colonic treatment

A typical room for a colonic treatment

Want more ideas of health experiments you can run on yourself? Check out my book for 101 different ideas.


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  1. hey Logan,

    First off congratulations on the house!

    Second, I have not done this recently, but in the past I tried hot water colonics. The idea was from that book Vitality Supreme by Bernarr Macfadden, I’m planning on getting back and trying it out again, but I have not been doing it in clusters which is probably the correct way to do it. So in the past I have just done it once, instead of doing it and then repeating it two more times over the week to continue to break down and cleanse my colon from all the grime that’s there.

    1. Author

      Thank you, though I don’t have the house yet, just in the process.

      How did it go for you? The water they used for me was body temperature, not hot nor cold so its as comfortable on the body as possible. I could see hot water, obviously not too hot, being useful though.

      1. It isn’t bad, it’s a lot of water to drink at once, but after I feel great. The water is filtered so it doesn’t just sit inside you. When I try it I usually have to go to the bathroom to egest within the half hour. The thing is that since it is hot water it does cause things to expand, which is why it’s not good to do it too often.

        Also, do you have more resources on the walnut, cloves, and wormwood detox? I’ve been playing around with an elimination diet the past few months and feel that I still have some issues associated with some parasites. And since I’ve never done a parasitic cleanse there is a huge chance it is an issue. But, in looking up some aspects it seems that the chestnut hull is really particular in that it needs to be harvested and processed while it is still fresh and green? I’d really appreciate a link to a good source of it or any tips you’d have! Cloves seem easy enough to grind up myself and I have a good wormwood tincture I found.


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  3. Yo Logan, I was wondering about something over here and I thought that you could answer this question for me over here…

    My question was IF you have been noticing any major difference in the amount of bodyfat that you’re carrying with you since you’ve done this colonic cleanse over a week ago…

    That is, did you find that you’ve become even LEANER than ever before after doing that colonic cleanse?! You know, because of all the EXCESSIVE amounts of BS and useless fat that was still on the inside on the internal organs from all the years of eating garbage and mega crap…

    I was wondering this, because in my OWN Training, I’m STILL searching for that EXTRA way of losing even MORE bodyfat than ever before… I’m aiming for that Bruce Lee Ripped to fucking SHREDS Physique… Which I’m very freaking close to nowadays… But even with the huge amount of Velocity, Strength-Endurance and Conditioning Training, I STILL feel that there is something missing and that I got some UNDIGESTED shit on the inside of my internal organs… Which can ONLY be gotten rid off with the colonic cleanse, If I’m correct over here…

    So my final question in a nutshell is this: Did you find all of the above to be TRUE indeed?! Or haven’t you done enuff colonic cleanses after that first one?!

    I’m very interested to hear your feedback and PERSONAL experiences with this shit… As I was wondering this all along for myself since the beginning of this year actually… And by the way man, BEFORE you tell me to find this shit out for myself by experimenting with it and going through it for myself as well… I gotta tell you that there ISN’T even ONE colonic cleansing facility in my area that is top notch and with High grade stuff…

    I’m still searching for one… and found some outside of the area where I live, but those basterds ask a shitload of money for it, and especially since I’m planning to go MORE than just 1 time.

    But nontheless man, I was wondering and interested to hear YOUR experiences with all of this…

    Thanks in Advance man! Very interesting and thought provoking stuff!

    1. I weighed a little less after doing this, but that was likely more from eating less and fasting much of the time throughout. I wouldn’t expect myself, nor you, to have a whole lot of stuff in there, as compared to the average person. I wouldn’t say its essential for your goal to do this, especially if its not an easy thing for you to come by.

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