PR Report 8-17-13

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I’m trying something new. Instead of having a random uploading of videos, posts and emails about my latest accomplishments in the gym I figured I’d showcase everything to you every Saturday. That means this will be a regular thing.

And its not about showing you how great I am, I already know that 🙂 Instead I will share with you my lessons along the way.

To fill you in my training has been devoted primarily to the following things right now:

  • Deadlifts
  • Weighted Pullups and Chins
  • Weighted Wrestlers Bridges
  • Short Bending
  • Full Range HSPU’s
  • Ab Wheel Rollouts

And when I mean focused on these things that’s almost all that I’m doing right now.

So here are some of the recent PR’s. (This actually covers two weeks worth of time, but since I’ve been on the road so much lately and actually am right now as of writing this, that’s just how it is.)

Half Range Jefferson Lift x 635 lbs

I’ve been experimenting a whole bunch with different forms and ranges of partials. I recently did over 1000 lbs in the top range but to jack my deadlift up higher I need to work more in the rest of the range. This half range is really hard for me in a conventional stance but quite easy in this form.

Conventional Deadlift 225 lbs. x 40 reps

I like to mix up high and low reps. I figured before I drove up to Oregon I would do something that would leave me a bit sore. I did 30 reps in a single set awhile back so this was a good improvement.

NEW MAX PR – Overhead Lockout Weighted Bridge x 335 lbs.

I’ve handled more total weight before spread over the body several times, but doing it just in the overhead position is much harder. My previous max set a long time back was 315 lbs. This felt very solid and I could have done more.

Kinked a Red Nail

I attempted the Red Nail. It proved harder than expected at the time. Hot rolled steel of the same size is much easier. I’ll need to figure out some more ways to work in this in between area.

Everything else saw improvement as well. I’ll have more reports and details on that later.


  1. Awesome lifts Chris!!! I got some great news that I am too excited about!!! Dennis Rogers is coming to Nashville and is conducting his Old tyme Strongman seminar!! The Iron Tamer Dave Whitley is hosting and I just paid my tuition for a slot yesterday!!!!

    After years of online chatting I finally get to meet the MASTER! It’s three months away and I can’t hardly wait!!!

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