806 lb Wrestlers Bridge

PR Report 9-7-13

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I hit a big sub-goal of mine this week with an 806 lb. wrestler’s bridge.

My previous best was somewhere around 625 lbs. Just a couple weeks ago I hit a new PR in the overhead only portion as seen here. With the help of my friend Tyler I was able to support a new max in this lift. My ultimate goal here is to lift over 1000 lbs. and that seems quite doable since this one wasn’t even that hard.

The breakdown as I describe at the end of the video is 275 lockout out overhead, 225 on the other barbell, Tyler together with the platform is 200, and the two kettlebells are 106, for a grand total of 806 lbs.

I built this custom made platform to use for this feat. Although I don’t plan to match Valentin Dikul on the bridge feat (reported to be closer to 2000 lbs.), I may become the 2nd best ever at it. And in case you’re wondering, yes, my neck was sore after this one.

I worked a little on the beast snatch. Here I hit a new single set PR with each hand, 15 for the right and 13 for the left. I figure if I can improve just what I can do in a single set at a time, this will carryover to doing my goal of 100 reps in 10 minutes, for the most part. And it will take less overall work to do it.

My pullup increased as well with 95 lbs.

It’s not as strict as it could be but I’ll take it. My goal is to do it with the 106 lb. kettlebell and with that I should be able to do the Beast Challenge. After I attain that goal I’m going to get back to focusing on the one arm chin specifically again.


  1. Awesome bridging! I set a new goal to do a dragon flag this week and managed 4 reps with one leg straight and one bent. Also got back into the handstands with 2 30 second holds

  2. This is unbelievable to me. Not that I doubt you but that it is so far beyond my comprehension. If it was your intention, in part, to inspire me to jack up my own efforts with the bridge you have succeeded. I am on the way outside to work on them now.

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