Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Burpees

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This video is the third in a series of progressive stand up challenges, where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements.

This video covers some possibilities with the basic burpee.

Prerequisite: None

Standard: Burpee. Squat down, jump the legs back to bottom of a pushup position. Then jump legs back and stand up.

Regression: Instead of jumping the legs back and forth, you can step them forward and back as needed. Makes the move less explosive, but is easier.

Progression 1: Go as fast as possible and into a run or sprint.

Progression 2: Add a full pushup.

Progression 3: Add a one arm pushup.

This is not to say this is all the possible progressions with a burpee. There are many more, but this gives a few ideas on how you can work with this stand up pattern.

The previous videos in this series cover:

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  1. Good training, good instruction! Keep it coming with the bodyweight training.

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